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Aqua Vac is Not Dredging

What is an Aqua Vac?

Statement of Clarification: Aqua Vac verses Mechanical Dredge

  1. Aqua Vac is not a dredge.
    1. The Aqua Vac will remove the suspended material of the lake, ponds, and river bottoms that is not of the original base material.
    2. The Aqua Vac will remove all the suspended material that is lighter in weight than a solid. Silt, weed infestation, decayed material, and algae are all in suspension in the water.
  2. Aqua Vac and Mechanical Dredger Machine Design.
    1. The Aqua Vac is a self-propelled, self contained, floating machine, ½ the weight of a small dredge, and can be used in almost any area or application requiring sediment removal. Can be launched at almost any landing with out a crane. If the use requires a crane, the weight requirement is much less. Can operate nearly at any angle or slope with control. Navigational direction of area worked, is on track and recorded.
    2. The Aqua Vac auger system operates in a reverse direction and cannot dig into the lake or river bottom. It only lifts the suspended material by the water being in motion by the submersible pump on the boom. The water flow creates the suction that is required to draw the material in suspension to the collector on the boom and transfer the material to the dump site, or dewatering bag system, by a flexible transfer hose.
    3. The depth is controlled by the use of stationary rotating wheels, also charged with air to keep the floating head and operating the boom in a suspended application. An optional rubber sweep can be added to the bottom of the collector on the boom to help in providing a higher percentage in the cleaning process of ponds with liners. The boom is also in a float mode and cannot be forced to be lower than the mechanical required setting. In the use of placed liner applications, there is no damage to the type of liner material used. Propeller drive protectors are also used.


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Aqua Vac Barges are specifically designed to lift and vacuum the suspended silt above the water's bed. The silt is then taken out of the water is pumped to a filtered destination. 

Benefits of a Clean Water Bed

The benefits you receive:

  • - By removing the silt and weed infestation of our water ways, we limit the nutrients available for the growth and decay that are causing the problems we are having in our lakes and rivers today.
  • - Promote the needed spawning areas for fish survival.
  • - Open navigational channels to those areas that have become almost impassable.
  • - Reduces the chemical use and weed harvesting that is adding to the deterioration of our clean lakes and waterways.
  • - Reduces the recent common algae blooms.